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Michael Repman LAT, ATC 7th Year at Lee HS
Head Athletic Trainer
Michael Repman LAT, ATC
 8th Year at Lee HS
Leticia LeGrair LAT 3rd Year at Lee HS
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Leticia LeGrair LAT
 4th Year at Lee HS











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STUDENT Trainer Application


Dear Parents,

The Goose Creek CISD Athletic Department would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the UIL and GCCISD required forms to participate in the athletic program. All student athletes 7-12th grade are required to fill out and submit these forms online prior each school year.

Goose Creek CISD and the UIL require the parent/legal guardian to complete the following electronic forms. Students that will participate in athletics each school year are required to complete all forms. Parents and students are required to read the UIL forms as they pertain to them. This year’s paperwork will be completed online to make the process convenient for all families. The link to the online paperwork is:

The only required form that cannot be done electronically is the annual physical and medical history. Parents will be able to print a physical and medical history during the electronic session. The physical/medical history must be completed by a parent and a physician. A new physical is required for each new school year.  The physical and medical history should be turned into the coach of your son/daughter or the Athletic Trainer. It is the recommendation of GCCISD Athletic Department that you make a copy of the physical for your files.



Bernard Mulvaney

GCCISD Director of Athletics

Head Athletic Trainer: Mike Repman

Asst. Athletic Trainer: Leticia LeGrair


Ext. 80046